Sunday, November 28, 2010

ERROR: Internet Connection Was Lost... Wait, What?!

   So, if you have been wondering why I haven't been posting for the past couple of weeks, there is a very logical and yet very frustrating answer.  As of two weeks ago, on the ninth of November to be exact, my lapatops wifi-connection went down, and couldn't be fixed for a week.  So, having just gotten my PC back from the local computer shop this morning, I decided to attempt what may seem impossible.  This feat involves trying to write and make up the past four blog posts, which are to be due tonight, at the stroke of midnight.  I know there was only supposed to be one post per day, but I hope my professor will be a little lenient and allow all of these from one day.  So, here goes this almost impossible stunt, and the only think stopping me from continuing at the moment is the ever resilient "writer's block."  I know there are millions of films I could write about, but none of them have come to mind, and I am still sitting here, waiting for the inspiration to spark a light, and turn on that brilliant light bulb resting over my head.  Oh wait, was that only in cartoons?  Anyway, I hope I can think of something soon, because the longer I sit here, the longer I have to watch the seconds tick away, slowly catching up to the looming stroke of midnight.

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