Sunday, November 28, 2010

And So the Chronicle Continues...

   Now as the last post started by saying that I finally had a revelation, and found the inspiration I was looking for, I have decided to write on the topic of The Chronicles of Riddick.  The second film starts off pretty much right where the first one ends.  Vin Diesel had escaped from the desolate planet along with the rest of the survivors, and now is getting closer and closer to reaching the capital city of the regime which had him sent to die.  The path to the throne, however, is more dangerous than at first anticipated, and Riddick is faced with many perilous encounters, and certain death, as he attempts to take down the chain of command which is taking over city by city, race by race, and breaking all in their way to follow them, or die.  At the end of the film, the climatic fight ends, with Riddick having killed the next in line to ruling the regime, and now sitting in the throne, being hailed as the leader of the dark nation.  Although this can be a fairly confusing ending, one which I didn't understand when I first watched it, it can be assessed as the pivitol moment where the good guy crosses the line, and follows suit with all that the original bad guy's strived to do.  The question arises: has Riddick now become the very think, the very symbol which he had tried to destroy his entir life?  The only way to answer this question for yourself is to watch it just the same as I did, and come to your own comclusion.  I feel that, as I felt with Inception, the unconcluded ending, leaving only questions and no answers, gives the film a sense of adventure, and allows the viewer to take out of the film whatever he felt was necessary to come to a substantial conclusion.  As for the third and final film in the series, it was a brilliantly animated comic book style movie, which, although not following the original story line, it sort of played on the more playful and action packed side of the series, and less on the dark gloomy side.  Over all however, it was a great film, and one which I would recommend as a must see.

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