Sunday, November 28, 2010

...And My Mind Was Pitch Black

   So, as I was sitting on my couch, trying to think of what to write to make up for my week and a half of having no internet connection, and no way to write or post my blogs, I decided to do three posts on the Chrinicles of Riddick, films, starring Vin Diesel as the main charactar, Riddick.  The first of the three films was called Pitch Black, and although I didn't watch it first, as I should have to completely understand the second film, it was an epic masterpiece of suspense and blood-pumping action nonetheless.  The film takes place on a lushly landscaped and deserted planet, on which lives various disturbingly dangerous and ferocious creatures, set out to kill anything that moves.  Lucky for the films lead players, they are stuck there with no way to escape... wait, did I say lucky? They are forced to stay on the planet's surface and wait for a trasnport ot come and save them from their gloomy and painful fate.  Now, despite being filled with an amazing story full off intense and suspenseful moments, leaving you at the edge of your seat, waiting to see if the survivors will escape alive, or succumb to the inevitable fates awaiting them on the surface, the film was filled with an amazing story, as well as some very memorable twists.  All of these twists then lead into the next two films, adding to the depth and power of the story, as well as to the history behind the notorious Riddick.  This is a great film, and one that can best be enjoyed first, before starting the second installment into the series, The Chronicles of Riddick.

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