Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh, Why Don't You Just Grow Up?

As a child, watching Disney's Peter Pan, brought me to the conclusion that adults were all like the notorious Captain Hook, who preyed upon the children, and tried his very best to ruin their lives, simply because he was no longer a child, and was envious of the fun they had every single day. Now, don't worry, I am not going to go on with an analysis about how Captain Hook was simply a sad old man who wished he could live once again as the children do, and that he shouldn't be blamed for all the wicked things he did. No, I feel that to commit such a heinous crime would be to do a treacherous act toward the world of children films. The beauty of Disney movies, in particular, is the fact that they all follow the same sort of plot lines, and twists, and yet, in the end, each and every movie ends up having it's own unique vibe which sets it apart from all the others, and even teaches it's very own life lesson which, no matter how old you are, can always be used to help you through any applicable situation that may arise. In the case of Peter Pan, for instance, we are taught the life lesson of never forgetting our childhood. Yes, we may grow old, and have to live in the real world for most of our adult lives, but, every now and again, it is not a bad idea to try to be a kid again. Try new things, and never stop using your imagination! I even feel it is safe to say that many parents forget this lesson once they have kids, because every time their child does something that may be somewhat more adventuresome, they treat it as a horrid act, and one which must be stopped, and replaced with some form of punishment. I feel many adults forget what it was like to be a kid, and forget that many of the things their kids do are the exact same things they once did, as well. The second we stop using our imagination, the second we lose what it meant to be as free as a kid, or even teenager, we stop living, and simply start doing. Although maybe not what most kids see when they watch Peter Pan, I feel that as a young adult, the message which was originally intended for us to see, was that we need to never lose our inner child, because when that happens, we end up dying inside of ourselves, and can no longer see the true beauties of life on this amazing planet.

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  1. I think you make a great point here. All Disney movies have some theme or moral message to convey, like any movie I can think of does. I disagree though that the way they portray that massage is proper. I don't mean to hate on Disney movies and I used to watch them as a child as well. Watching them now though, it seems to me that they are unrealistic. They are fun as fantasies or stories of knights in shining armor or animals that can can talk or have other special powers. I guess it's just a little disappointing being older now and realizing it does not that work that way. Maybe it is just me who is bitter though.