Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Am... ummm... Apocalyptic Comedy?

    Imagine a world, where you are the last surviving human being, to the best of your knowledge, surrounded by creatures who you once called your fellow man. Now, imagine a world where you are the last of a few people who are all out for themselves, and no matter who they are, or what they do to help you, everyone always stabs the other in the back, simply fighting for their own survival, and the ability to, “Enjoy the Little Things.” (Rule #32)” This is the cruel and yet fairly picturesque world in the comedic horror flick from 2009, entitled, Zombieland. After a virus infects most of the human population (except for a few lucky souls, including the infamous Bill Murray of, Ghostbusters, and, The Caddie Shack, fame), Columbus, a sheltered and very shy teenager from Ohio, is busy trying to survive the Zombie Apocalypse, as well as creating a list of things to do along the way, in order to survive in the deadly world of Zombies. On his journeys, he meets up with a man named Tallahassee, who is from Florida, and thrives on killing zombies. To put it simply, if you were ever to be the lucky person (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) to survive the onslaught of the immanent Zombie Apocalypse, he is the man you would want at your side. “Nuff' said.” Although he can be very temperamental, and has a man-crush/bro-mance thing going on with his idol, Bill Murray, he is a living dead killing aficionado, who has seen it all, including a lady dropping a piano on a zombie. How epic is that, right? WRONG! At one point, he kills a slightly overweight zombie, I like to call Hungry Jack, using only a pair of hedge shears. Can anyone, in their best British accent of course, say, “Off with his head?” Throughout the film, he teaches Columbus a very crucial lesson in surviving the Zombie filled world, which I feel even has note-worthy applications to today's non-Zombie filled world. And no, the guy sitting to your right isn't a Zombie... he's just playing Farm-ville. As I have stated above, Columbus' deemed, Rule #32, states, “Enjoy the Little Things.” Yes, in the film, this involved destroying abandoned shops and cars, and shooting Zombies until there is nothing left but a pile of black, slightly molding guts (“Double Tap” (Rule #2), but today, this can simply mean to go out and do something which you have never done before. Or, even as Tallahassee attempts to do throughout the movie, enjoy the simple pleasure of a lightly fried, and awe-inspiringly delicious, Hostess Twinkie. So, the moral of the story is, go out there, non-infected people of the world, and enjoy the small things which keep you sane throughout the hectic days of school and work. And, as Columbus always reminds us, please, “Check the Back Seat,” and, “Wear Seat Belts,” (Rules #31 & 4).

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  1. To "enjoy the little things," is something everybody should do once in a while. When things get hectic it's hard to make that time for others, yourself, and ultimately what you want out of life. Sometimes we all get caught up in our own universe and don't stop and smell the roses. This is a weird movie sometimes, but in such a good and entertaining way. I have a thing for rooting on the underdog and seeing them become the heroes they were destined to be. This movie showed that and also taught other valuable lessons along the way while giving the audience a fun and exhilarating ride. Thanks for the post!