Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Actually a Really Good Story

   This past Saturday, I headed off to the Movie Theatre with my girlfriend, looking forward to seeing the new Horror thriller Paranormal Activities 2, only to be met by a line out the door, and around the fountain at the Long Beach Town Center.  We thought about just waiting it out, but... we just decided to see something else, and not waste four hours of our lives, waiting to be let in to see the trailers, and trying to make simplistic and incoherent small talk with the people waiting around us.  After scouring the movie board for an alternative, our eyes fell upon, It's Kind of a Funny Story, starring, most importantly, Zach Galifianakis as Bobby, Keir Gilchrist as Craig, and Emma Roberts as Noelle.  We thought it may be entertaining, or at least slightly comical, so we gave it a shot.  From the previews, we figured all of the funniest scenes were already shown, and that the rest of the film would be stupid comments and remarks, one after another, with no real back bone to the story, other than a guy who puts himself into a mental hospital, and meets a girl there, and they fall in love... basically a boy meets girl story, with a slightly dark overtone.  Much to our surprise, however, it turned out to be a pretty funny movie, with many moments of uncontrolled laughter, and lined with enough depth to the story, allowing the viewer to fall in love with the characters, and root for them, laugh with them, and cry with them, from start to finish.  Through the film, the central lesson Bobby wants Craig to learn is to simply, "Live."  He tells Craig that if he were in his situation, there would be no end to what he would do.  His youth is his advantage in life, because he hasn't done anything to ruin his life yet, and he can still choose who he wants be in the world.  I feel this message is very applicable to many teens the world around, and i feel that this film did a great job of showing the youth of the world that the future is ours, and, in the grand scheme of things, all we need to do now is, "Live!."

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  1. This made me happy to read because the book, "It's Kind of a Funny Story," is one of my top favorite ever! Sophomore year of high school my boyfriend at the time said that he had seen the book in the store, read the first chapter of it, got interested and asked me if I could get it for him for Christmas. I bought him the book about a week before Christmas and before wrapping it for him, I ended up reading it first! I loved how relatable the story was to teenagers (regardless of whether or not you've been in the same situation as Craig) and that Vizzini was able to combine such a serious situation with great humor. Your post made me excited to see the movie, because I was actually afraid they were gonna end up ruining it, and I recommend everyone reading the book as well!